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Joy ride in Kodaikanal on helicopter

A group of well-trained pilots, who had served in Indian Army and Naval forces, led by Wing Com. Satish Kumar, has launched a joy ride service on a helicopter for visiting tourists here.


he pilots said that they were engaged in the business of renting out helicopters/aircrafts for emergency services. Recently, in about 40 minutes, they airlifted an organ from Madurai to Coimbatore.

“Like North Indians, where many people used copter services, we want to popularise among the public in this part of Tamil Nadu,” they added.

A tourist operator Sam Antony having his office on Seven Roads here welcomed the helicopter service. It is something which would attract more tourists to visit the hill station and take a look at the scenic Kodai from a top view.

“From time immemorial, we have been taking the tourists in private cabs to seven or 10 spots for a price depending on the season and off-season.” The helicopter service looks innovative and attractive, he opined.

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