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- Permits: A permit is required to visit Berijam Lake and surrounding areas. Permits can be obtained from the forest office in Kodaikanal.

   - Transportation: Private vehicles are allowed but must have the necessary permits. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi from Kodaikanal.

- Timing: The area is open for visitors typically from 9 AM to 3 PM. It's best to start early to make the most of your visit.


- Preparation: Carry sufficient water, snacks, and warm clothing, as the area can get chilly. Be prepared for limited facilities and ensure you respect the natural environment by avoiding littering.

Enjoy your visit to the Berijam tourist spots in Kodaikanal, where nature's beauty and serene landscapes offer a refreshing escape!

cap fly valley.jpg


   - Location: Near Berijam Lake, Kodaikanal.

   - Description: Caps Fly Valley is known for its unique phenomenon where light objects thrown into the valley are swept up by the wind and seem to fly back. The area offers stunning views of the surrounding valleys and is a popular spot for photography.

    - Activities: Photography, experiencing the wind phenomenon.


  - Location: Near Berijam Lake, Kodaikanal.

     - Description: Echo Rock is a popular spot where visitors can experience the natural echo phenomenon. Shouting into the valley returns a clear echo, making it an entertaining and unique experience. The area also offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

  - Activities: Shouting to experience the echo, sightseeing, photography.

echo rock.JPG
madhikettan shola.jpg


   - Location: Near Berijam Lake, Kodaikanal.

        - Description: Mathikettan Shola, also known as the Mist Forest, is a dense and mystical forest known for its misty atmosphere and rich biodiversity. The name "Mathikettan" means "lost mind," referring to the disorienting nature of the forest.

   - Activities: Hiking, nature walks, birdwatching, exploring biodiversity.


   - Location: Near Berijam Lake, Kodaikanal.

       - Description: The Fire Tower is a lookout tower used by the forest department to monitor forest fires. It offers an excellent vantage point with stunning views of the surrounding forest and valleys. Visitors can climb the tower for a better view of the landscape.

 - Activities: Tower climbing, sightseeing, photography.

berijam lake_edited.jpg


- Location: Berijam, 23 km from Kodaikanal.

       - Description: Berijam Lake is a serene and picturesque lake surrounded by dense forests. It is a popular spot for picnics, bird watching, and enjoying the natural beauty of the area. The lake is known for its clear waters and tranquil environment.

   - Activities: Picnicking, birdwatching, nature walks, enjoying the scenery.

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